Samir Jacques Chalhoub, better known by his media name Sam J. Chalhoub, is a Lebanese social worker, activist, blogger, singer and songwriter. He has been described as the "LGBT rescuer" (Al-Balad newspaper) after his long speech about the Lebanese LGBT rights and the fight against homophobia, once at a rewarding event and twice at the Lebanese LGBT conference at the UNESCO palace.

    Chalhoub was born in Deir Al Qamar and grew up in Beirut. He started playing the piano at the age of 6 without learning any course. He attended Collège Melkart (private school) where he was rejected by other pupils during the first 9 years of school academy. Reaching high school, he made his own circle of friends and decided to use his talents to fight against bullying at all its levels.

He is currently studying social work at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut, where he became the current ambassador of the Lebanese Student Union of Social Action (ULEAS), and working at War Child Holland in response to the Syria crisis. In addition to that, Sam is a tutor of several self-constructive workshops such as Dramaction and Inspiration tour that take place at culturual centers and schools.


      Chalhoub came to write songs about bullying, peace and equality, and appeared for the first time on Helwi Beirut, a talk show on the Lebanese Broadcast Cooperation International, where he introduced his third concert called "Sam, Yara et la robe de mariée" and discussed about his future plans. During his interview with MTV Lebanon, Sam says, "The message I'm trying to send is not destined to the late generation, because we know that the latest generation has lived with war and a billion of problems far from our generation. I understand them. The way they were educated was totally different than ours. Education was not available to everyone. Now we're all educated, and the main problem was ignorance." He added to that the extreme need of putting the lid on discrimination toward each other. Sam's concerts usually take place at private clubs, but also join public events such as Fête de La Musique, BOC...

The promise

I support Sam in his fight against injustice and misery; and I will be joining this cause, proudly.

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